Are You Planning to Sell in 2015? Get A Head Start on De-cluttering

Most sellers tend to wait until they are ready to move to de-clutter their home.  However, getting started now for a spring
cluttered house listing can make this task a lot less stressful and possibly more effective.  By the way, these tips are also great for those not planning to sell but who would just like to enjoy their space more.

  1. Pick a room to start in and complete that space before moving on to the next. Your personality and personal level of motivation will determine whether you start with sorting through that big pile of boxes in the basement or start with the bedroom closet.
  1. Create a master list of organizing tasks needed in each room. The list will help you plan upfront and help streamline the process and determine how much supplies will cost and how much time is needed.
  1. Make piles as you clear each room. Which items will you be keeping, selling, donating or throwing away.  If you are downsizing, this is the time to make the tough decisions.  If other family members are using your basement as their personal storage unit, this is the time to give them a timeline for retrieving their stuff.  If you’re a packrat, this might be the time to get rid of those size 2 clothes that you haven’t been able to fit in since the 90’s.  It might also be the time to sort through the sentimental collection of your 40 year old son’s elementary school artwork.
  1. Don’t forget the closets and drawers. Buyers will look in your closets and open drawers.  An overstuffed closet will give the impression of limited storage space and so this effort will pay off in increasing the appeal of your home.  Messy junk drawers are also distracting.  Whether you are moving or staying, this may be a great opportunity to install closet organizers or create a storage space for off-season
  1. Clear off counters and bookcases. Counter space is coveted among home buyers.  Kitchen counters especially tend to get cluttered with mail, keys, school notices, cell phones, etc.  Create a place for those items so they can be put away immediately and your cleared counters can stay that way.  Also, find a space to store those kitchen appliances not used that often.  This frees up valuable counter space.
  1. Organize your home office. Many potential buyers will be attracted by a separate space to set up a home office.  Make sure your home office will attract their attention.  This may be a good time to invest in a shredder, scanner and/or filing cabinet.  Many banks and utility companies will also provide electronic statements which can be stored or accessed online rather than having paper copies which you’ll need to file.

As more space is created in your home, try and view your home with the eyes of a potential buyer.  Square footage and good flow will make a positive impression on potential buyers.  In addition, reduced clutter means fewer things to move and possibly lower moving costs.
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